[Voice translator] Introducing the recommended voice translator ’STAR TALK’ that I actually used in the Philippines

Hello, it's Hiro.


I can't wait when the infection spreads day by day due to the corona sickness and when we can go on an overseas trip.


I don't know when the ban on overseas travel will be released due to the expansion of vaccination, but I would like to have a complete system in place so that I can fly overseas as soon as the ban on overseas travel is resumed.


My recommendation is STAR TALK

In conclusion, STAR TALK is recommended. I will explain in detail later.


Do you use a translator?

Sorry, I don't used it.


My motto is「when in Rome, do as the Romans do. 」


When traveling, I understand that communicating with local people is the minimum etiquette and respect.


When I travel, I understand that communicating with local people is the minimum etiquette and how I show respect to them.


You might be told that you don't need a translator, but a translator is surprisingly convenient.


Can be used instead of a dictionary

You can translate without having to google each time, just like talking to Siri.


It's better than Siri in terms of translation.
(I'm talking to Siri every day, so it's correct)


This is very convenient for learning language, isn't it?


Also, if you use it for translation from English to local language, you will notice how strange your pronunciation is.


If you think it's a lie, I recommend you to go to an electric appliance store and try it out.
(If you're shy and can't speak English, you won't be able to speak English for the rest of your life.)


Cost performance is definitely good

As of 2021, various voice translators are on sale, you can purchase them for 10,000 to 30,000 yen.

Cost performance is better than other gadgets, isn't it?


Surprisingly few voice translators support Tagalog

Sadly, there are very few translators that support Tagalog even in 2021.


Also, even the most popular model 'POCKETALK' has not been equipped with a Tagalog voice translation function for a long time.


With the 2019 update, it is finally possible to send voice though.


I actually investigated using 3 popular models in Manila

It is a survey in 2019 because it is before becoming a corona.


As a result of talking with a taxi driver and a friend in Manila using three popular translators, we reviewed the three points of ease of use, reception sensitivity, and accuracy of conversation.


The three models used in the experiment are as follows.

POCKETALK Poketalk ... Needless to say, an immovable popular model. Price about 30,000 yen

From 2019, it will be possible to send Tagalog voice.

・STAR TA・ STAR TALK ・ ・ Minor model. It can be purchased for just over 10,000 yen. The forerunner of Tagalog voice transmission.

As far as I know, this STAR TALK was the first to enable Tagalog in a speech translator.

Try it out




ST I recomend star ta


The cost performance is the best, But Tagalog is adopted first. That point is also a good point.


I was also a recommendation from a Filipino friend I could trust, so I would like to continue using STAR TALK and have fun.