[Beauty] Which is the correct answer for men's hair removal, photo-epilation or medical hair removal? Reasons to recommend photo-epilation


Hello, it's Hiro.


Recently, popular Youtuber etc. have spread on SNS etc., and it has become much more familiar about "men's hair removal" than in the past.


Influencers such as ROLAND, Yuya Tegoshi, and popular Youtuber Hikaru are opening one after another.


I have been undergoing full-body hair removal since August 2020, and as of May 2021, it has already become almost slippery even though it has not been a year yet.


When comparing men's hair removal salons,


  • price
  • service
  • location


Besides, medical hair removal or photo-epilation? You will need to select

Here is a general comparison of medical hair removal and photo-epilation,


Medical hair removal・・There are many salons that are painful, quick, and have high prices.

Photo-epilation・・Many salons are painless, time consuming, and cheaply priced


After actually receiving counseling from more than 10 hair removal salons, my conclusion was photo-epilation.


Reasons to recommend photo-epilation
  • Many salons can be contracted an unlimited number of times (some salons have a money-back guarantee if they are not effective)
  • There is a guarantee and you can go with confidence
  • The gel applied at the time of hair removal has a great beauty effect


Hair loss generally results in dry skin, which requires good moisturization and skin management, but I never did.


However, by going to the hair removal salon on a regular basis, I started going to the hair removal salon thanks to the fact that I applied the skin-beautifying gel.


People around me have come to say, "My skin is cleaner than before."


It was unexpected that going to a hair removal salon would make your skin beautiful.


As the amount of hair decreases as the number of times increases, the irradiation time also gradually decreases.


You can easily book and go to your favorite store from the app whenever you want, in your spare time.


Therefore, I recommend choosing photo-epilation, which is gentle on both beauty and wallet.


I think that there are individual differences such as time and money restrictions, so I hope that it will be helpful for those who are troubled with choosing a hair removal salon.


By the way, the salon I am indebted to is Men's Clear.