[Hair Removal Salon] 4 Men's Hair Removal Salons in Nagoya


Hello, it's Hiro.


I summarized the men's hair removal salons in Nagoya.


By the way, I am currently going to two stores, and I am summarizing the experiences of actually receiving counseling.


※It can be read in 1 to 2 minutes.


1. Mens Clear


  • Cost performance good
  • No pain because it is photo-epilation
  • You can go to your favorite store whenever you want
  • Easy to book from the app
  • Clean interior, all staff wear white coats and have high likability




  • Since it is photo-epilation, it takes time (it takes about 3 to 5 times until you can feel the hair removal).
  • It is necessary to shave in advance


Men's Clear is a men's hair removal salon where Hiroyuki Miyasako is famous as an ambassador.


It's only for men, so that's a point you can rest assured.


There are various comparison sites, but most of them are ranked first.


The number of stores nationwide is No.1. * As of December 2021


There are 3 stores in Nagoya alone, and there are Toyota and Hamamatsu stores in the suburbs of Nagoya, so you can choose your favorite store.


You can go whenever you like.


You can also say, "I'm going out from Nagoya to Osaka, so I'll try to remove my hair at a store in Osaka."


By the way, I am still indebted to Men's Clear, and I signed a contract at the Nagoya store.

The Nagoya store seems to be popular, and it can be difficult to make reservations, so I'm going to another store now.


It is painless because it is photo-epilation. (There are individual differences)


If it is within the contract period, you can go as much as you want.


2. Mens TBC


  • Fast
  • You can go to your favorite store whenever you want (about 50 stores nationwide)
  • Luxury interior




  • It hurts a lot (I use a method called super hair removal, which carefully removes hair one by one).
  • High pricing
  • no VIO plan


I only provided counseling to Men's TBC.


I stopped because I explained that it was already quite painful for the experience hair removal of 1,000 yen and that if I did it all over the body, it would easily exceed 1 million yen.


I personally have a strong pain because I carefully remove hair one by one, but I still couldn't stand it.


In Mens TBC, the charge varies depending on the number of bottles, so the staff carefully explained that point, but it was a little difficult to understand.


Not recommended for those who are not good at hurting.


3. Dr. Coba


  • As it is medical hair removal, you can feel relieved (you can feel the effect immediately).
  • Easy to make reservations with the dedicated app
  • Good cost performance (For beard hair removal only, if you pay 99,000 yen for a set of 5 times of one-time payment intensive course for the first time, you can go for 100 yen semi-permanently from the next time onwards)




  • It hurts a little
  • It costs money for each part other than the beard.


It's been seven years since I started going to Dr. Koba for beard hair removal, but I was already able to feel the effect the first time.


If you go 5 times, you'll lose a lot of hair and you won't have to shave every morning.


By the way, I've been there about 15 times already, but it hasn't grown much.


I still go through the target of hair growth treatment and hair removal that occasionally grows in a few areas.


It's also very safe to be able to go forever.


4. Mens Rize


  • Medical hair removal, so you can rest assured
  • Easy to make reservations with the dedicated app
  • Many stores




  • It hurts a little
  • There is no all-you-can-go plan. The charge for 5 times of the whole body (excluding beard and VIO) is 303,600 yen.


※For all area, 405,900 yen

There is no guarantee that it will be slippery after 6 times



Medical hair removal is often recommended over photo-epilation, but I am a painless photo-epilation group because it can take a little longer.


Depending on the type of photo-epilation and gel, it also has a beauty effect.


Also, I personally recommend a salon that has an all-you-can-go plan


So, in the case of the gorilla clinic that I have not introduced this time, it costs about 600,000 yen to remove hair from the whole body including the beard.


In the case of Mr. Roland's hair removal salon, the latest machine called LUMIX is used with light and it is very speedy, but if you have a whole body hair removal,


It costs about 1.7 million yen, and neither clinic has an all-you-can-eat plan, so I only received counseling and stopped.


I have summarized 4 men's hair removal salons in Nagoya.


I hope that it will be useful to everyone who is uncertain about choosing a hair removal salon.