【Latest in 2021】12 YouTube Channels of Popular Japanese Cosplayers


This time, I will introduce 12 popular Youtube channels of Japanese cosplayers.


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1. えなこ (Enako)

Enako, She is a Japanese top cosplayer.


Even though She has just opened a personal channel on March 24, 2021, she got 182,000 subscribers.


Subscribers:255,000(As of December, 2021)


Enako's channel link


2. 麗華(REIKA)

Representative of 12 COMPANY.


Invited not only in Japan but also to more than 50 countries such as Asia, Europe, North America and South America, she is active as a guest and judge of cosplay events in the world.


I've been a fan of her since I first met her at an event in North Carolina (to be exact, before that).


I hope one day I can call her for my event.


Subscribers:2,400 (As of December, 2021)


Reika's channel link


3. りつ (Ritsu)

Her character is deep and interesting, and her make-up is also helpful. I personally like her he most.


Subscribers:69,800 (As of December 2021)


Ritsu's channel link


4. 五木あきら (Akira Itsuki)

She is cute and has good style, so it's popular among men. She get almost of all comments from men in her video.


Subscribers:11,400 (As of December, 2021)


Akira Itsuki's channel link


5. 炎将ロシエル (Roshieru Kashou)

Mainly she is in the cosplay industry, currently producing a maid cafe "Cat Ear Maid cafe" in Akihabara, and she is also active as a talent.


Subscribers:59,300 (As of December, 2021)


Roshieru Kashou's channel link


6. 宮本彩希 (Saiki Miyamoto)

She is active as a reader model and cosplayer.


Subscribers:12,600 (As of December, 2021)


Saiki Miyamoto's channel link


7. 岩瀬唯奈 (Yuina Iwase)

She was active as cosplayer Chaya. Now, she debut as her idol group "Legal Little Girl Syndrome REBOOT".


Subscribers:22,200 (As of December, 2021)


Yuina Iwase's channel link


8. 伊織もえ (Moe Iori)

Amazingly she has 187,000 subscribers on her channel specializing in Youtube live only.


Subscribers:259,000 (As of December, 2021)


Moe Iori's channel link


9. ねこまる (Nekomaru)

She is absolutely the character from Yurukyan. Might be many followers who like camping and cats.


Subscribers:117,000 (As of December, 2021)


Nekomaru's channel link


10. みゃこ (Myako)

She also play games and she is a cosplayer who can play base.


Subscribers:75,900 (As of December, 2021)


Myako's channel link


11. みなみ (Minami)

Game liver and cosplayer.


Subscribers:27,000 (As of Decemebr, 2021)


Minami's channel link


12. あかせあかり (Akari akase)

She has 1.1 million followers on her Tikrok. She is also very active as idol.


Subscribers:94,700 (As of December, 2021)


Akari  Akase's channel link



I have introduced the Youtube channel of 12 Japanese cosplayers.


Many Japanese cosplayers are active as talents, and I guess that one of the reasons why there are few Youtube channels is that there are various restrictions.


I look forward to all of their future success.


Extra edition

Famous cosplayers, they have no Youtube channels, so I will post other SNS links bellow.


KANAME☆ (Kaname)




ぽにょ皇子 (Ponyo ouji)




おもてちゃん (Omote chan)



御伽ねこむ (Otogi Nekomu)



桃月なしこ (Nashiko Momotsuki)



けんけん (Kenken)



サク (Saku)



あまつりな (Amatsurina)







篠崎こころ (Kokoro Shinozaki)