[2022] Summary of the most popular boys dance group "SB19" in the Philippines

Konnichiwa, this is hiro(@hirosaeki01


K-POP, Korean dramas, and Korean fashion are very popular in the Philippines nowadays.


K-POP is especially popular now,  and SB19, a boy group inspired by K-POP and made up of only Filipinos,


is now very popular all over the Philippines!


SB19's activities are disseminated worldwide through SNS such as Youtube and Facebook, and have established a strong position as an icon of Filipino pop culture.


The presence of their enthusiastic fan  "A'TIN"  is also significant.


Now let's focus on SB19!



1. What is SB19?

The P-POP group that debuted in October 2018.


※P-POP・・Pinoy pop (like J-POP and K-POP)


Produced by Korean entertainment  "SHOWBT Entertainment"


Producer Tatang Robin is a Korean and  he is extremely popular with fans.



I love him because charming!


The group name of SB19 is  S  and B  from the initials of ShowBT.


And the sum of the country code 82 of South Korea and the country code 63 of the  Philippines.


(8 + 2 + 6 +3 = 19,    82 - 63 = 19)


It is said that it is a group made up of the image of the fusion of the Philippines and South Korea.


SB19 has been trained both Korea and the Philippines, then SB19 has a good reputation for dancing and singing ability.


The official Youtube channel has 2.47 million subscribers and the official Facebook page has 1.7 million followers (as of January 2022).



2. Members Introduction




Real name:John Paulo Nase


Date of Birth: September 14, 1994


Group charge: Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Vocals







Real name:Josh Cullen Santos


Date of Birth: October 22, 1993


Group charge: Lead Rapper, Dancer, Vocals


He is my bias, my birthday and blood type are all the same







Real name:Stellvester Ajero


Date of Birth: June 16, 1995


Group charge: Main vocals, lead dancers








Real name:Felip Jhon Suson


Date of Birth: January 12, 1997


Group charge: Main dancer, vocals


He loves Japanese anime and video games, his cat's name is Kuro







Real name:Justin De Dios


Group charge: Manne, visual, vocal


The youngest handsome, he likes Sharlene like me




3. Official site link

・Official homepage




2.47 million subscribers (as of January 2022)



550,000 followers (as of January 2022)



1.7 million followers (as of January 2022)



548,000 followers (as of January 2022)



4. 2022 Filipino Korean wave boom

In 2022, it is also called the arrival of the  "fourth Korean wave boom" i n Japan, and the younger generation, mainly teenagers, is supporting the Korean boom.


The Korean wave in Japan is one of the mysterious beings that is rarely dealt with on TV, but is somehow popular among young people.


In the Philippines, we have expanded into the Philippines as an English language study abroad destination before Japan, and there are many famous chain stores such as Samgyeopsal.


Japanese culture is also familiar, but Korean culture seems to be more familiar.


K-POP is popular in the Philippines, and if you walk around the city, you will definitely see a child dancing to Black Pink, TWICE, and MOMOLAND songs.


If you are a Japanese man (10-40s), you might be called  "OPPA"  (Korean for "brother") when you walk around the city, so please feel it.


I got called OPPA million times and I liked it.



5. Ranked # 1 on Twitter Trends many times

In 2020 and 2021, the account mentioned in the Philippines ranked first in the list!



5. Recent SB19 activities


the latest video of January 2022.


Online live video of the song "MAPA" released in May 2021



6. Achievement of SB19

・Ranked 6th in the 2020 American Billboard Chart Annual SNS TOP50.


・"MAPA" is the 5th Most Searched Song of 2021 Globally according to Google.


・Official LYRIC VIDEO of "MAPA" played 62.96 million times (as of January 2022)


・Official Video (Band version) of "MAPA" played 13.78 million times (as of January 2022)


・"BAZINGA" is the second song to hit #1 on BillBoard Hot Trending song.


・"BAZINGA" Music Video played 3.7 million times (as of January 2022)


・SB19 has won it's first international award on a  US based Radio Station called Channel R Radio as Best Group and


BAZINGA wining Best Song.


・SB19 nominated for  Best Asian Act on MTV Europe Music Awards 2021.


・SB19 has chosen as Youth Ambassador by Philippines' National.


・SB19 has chosen as Ambassador of Sentro Rizal (NCCA's cultural center for overseas Filipinos.


If you count it, there is no end!




7. Summary

Did you understand how popular the SB19 is?


To be honest, the name recognition in Japan is still low, but SB19 is expanding its activities not only to the Philippines but also to the United States, South Korea, and the world.


As one of A'TIN, I will continue to carry out activities to raise the name recognition (good image) of SB19 and the Philippines in Japan.