Honest review of actually staying at Daiwa Roynet Hotel in Osaka Kitahama (2022/2/7)


Hello, it's hiro




The other day, I actually used Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ariake and was impressed with the price, service, amenities, and location,




So, I have stayed at Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka Kitahama, so I would like to review it.




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Accessibility of Osaka Kitahama

Kitahama feels like Ochanomizu-Yotsuya neighborhood in Tokyo for me




In short, in the business district, despite the fact that there are many restaurants, there are many fashionable and curry shops.




By the way, Tara Kitchen, a curry shop that I always stop by when I go to Osaka



I tried several curry shops, but Tara Kitchen is the most recommended



Price of Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka Kitahama

It's surprisingly cheap.




You can stay overnight at the 3,000 yen level.




By the way, there are a lot of business hotels in Kitahama, Osaka, so the impression is that the prices are cheaper.




As a recommended hotel that has stayed at the same price range and location



↓Best Western Plus Hotel Fino Osaka Kitahama (3,000 yen / night)



↓Hotel Bright Inn Morioka Osaka Kitahama (5,000 yen / night)


And so on.




Both hotels are recommended, but Bright Inn City Osaka Kitahama seems to have increased in price since last year.




That's how popular it is




I was able to stay in the 3,000 yen range two years ago, but since last year it hasn't fallen below the 5,000 yen range, so I'm watching.




※As a point, in the case of Osaka, you can stay at the official hotel of Universal Studios Japan for 6,000 yen, so even if it is 5,000 yen, it feels expensive.




Compare to Tokyo and other areas, the 5,000 yen range is a good value.


Location of Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka Kitahama

Pretty good




It is directly connected to Kitahama Station.




Convenience store is also within a 1-minute walk, so it's super convenient




Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ariake and Nishi-Shinjuku have convenience stores inside the hotel, so it's not that convenient.




It's within a 1-minute walk, so it's good at all.



It was 1,500 yen per person, so it was the same as when I stayed at Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ariake.




We ate breakfast at the nearby Doutor Coffee.



398yen only for this




There is a lot of Doutor coffee in the Kitahama area, so I decided to use Doutor, which is 5 minutes from the hotel.




As a result, very satisfied




I am always grateful for your help. Doutor coffee lol


Services and amenities

This time also the cheapest, standard double (non-smoking)




3,934 yen only for use in February 2022




was guided to the 13th floor.




It wasn't a huge window or view on the wall like Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ariake,




Even so, there was no building to stand in front of it, creating a space where people could live without curtains.




The water and coffee services were the same as when I stayed in Ariake.



Happy with these slippers, not flat


I always carry portable slippers that I bought from MUJI and can carry around.



I had forgotten this day, but I was able to spend it comfortably with these slippers.




Humidifiers and hair dryers are also from Panasonic, and they have the same amenities as other Daiwa Roynet hotels.



I didn't have any problems and was able to stay comfortably without any inconvenience.



There is nothing, but if I dare to give one,




Isn't it just a separate bath and toilet?



The hotel opened in 2013, so it's not old at all (rather new)




Compared to Daiwa Roynet Hotel Ariake and Nishi-Shinjuku, there are separate baths and toilets.




There is no convenience store in the hotel facility




However, I was able to spend a comfortable time without any inconvenience, so I really want to recommend this hotel.



I often stay at business hotels in Kitahama, Osaka, but there are almost no hotels in the Kitahama area that have a parking lot.




Therefore, before checking in at the hotel, it is best to search the Times around the hotel and find the cheapest place possible




Although it is a routine, we recommend that you use the Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka Kitahama, which has a parking lot.


Note) When I used this hotel, there was a signboard says that it's only on weekdays.




If it's a nearby parking lot, Times Awajimachi 1-chome is the cheapest and recommended nearby.




The parking fee for one night was about 2500 yen.




I am planning to use Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nishi-Shinjuku next week, so I would like to review it again.