S-shaped hook (twist) type was too addicted to "storage that hangs the cap to show".


S-shaped hook




Iron, plastic, stainless steel etc, various types of S-shaped hooks are on the market these days,





Surprisingly few are twists types.




A type that is twisted and bent to 45 ° or 90 ° at the center of the S-shape




It's such an S-shaped hook twist type, but I'm addicted to storing the cap!




here for recommendations



S hook with ball cross type stainless steel



You can buy at  Cainz Home




The price has increased, but as of February 28, 2022, around 150 yen / piece




※Some Cainz stores do not handle this, so it is recommended that you check the website in advance




It is an S-shaped hook twist type, but it goes well with iron bars, so please give it a try.



It's a little expensive, but you can buy this item online.




594 yen / piece   It's quite expensive, isn't it? ..




※Personally, if it exceeds 500 yen / piece, I think about purchasing an S-shaped hook of your favorite type and twisting and bending it yourself.



There are various types of iron hooks on the market, but this is my personal hobby.





DULTON iron bar is recommended😎



It's cheap, you can buy it at AMAZON, and it comes with a set of screws for around 1,000 yen (when it's cheap, you can buy it for around 900 yen).




Purchased 2 gold  * Black is also available




As many as 25 caps could be hung with a 70 cm iron bar!



In addition, the 50 cm type is also sold on Amazon, so if you have a request for a small size, we recommend that you go directly to the store.😊



Really recommended especially for cap collectors😎



The No. 1 heavy rotation cap is turned 45 ° and placed on the exit side to make it easier to take.



It was a short article, but about the versatility of the S-shaped hook twist.




I really wanted to tell you, so I wrote this article this time. See you again