Beware-fix an issue in the ads.txt file so that it doesn't have a significant impact on your proceeds


Hello, it's Hiro


The problem with the title of Google AdSense can be solved  in a minute.



・ Being an XSERVER user


Please note that this is an article as a XSERVER user.


What's wrong with the ads.txt file?

If you pass the Google AdSense review, you will receive the following error message:


It's annoying, so let's erase it right away!

AdSense help


1, Download the ads.txt file

From Google Adsense, in the upper right corner of the message  "Please fix the problem in the ads.txt file",


Click  "Fix Now"



Then, the message  "Create ads.txt file to be used on one site"  will appear.



After downloading, you will have a text file.


Written in the text,


Change the part of pub-xxxxxxxxxxx to your account ID


1-2, How to check your account ID

Click  "account"  from Google AdSense Home


The pub-xxxxxxxxxxxx listed on the publisher ID is your account ID.



It's easy😊


2, How to upload ads.txt file to X server

Click  "Xserver"  and click Server Management



Next, select  "Target domain"


Click  ads.txt settings


In the  ads.txt setting addition, enter as follows


like this


Then, the following  confirmation  screen will be displayed.


that's all


Generally, the error screen disappears within 48 hours.


In my case, it disappeared in about half a day.



I hope you find it helpful.