A monthly supplementary income (side business) of 50,000 yen is possible just by registering and using Hapitas [2022.3.16]


Hello, it's hiro(@hirosaeki01)


First of all, I would like to ask you to register for Hapitas from this link.


If you do the following Hapitas work that I actually did, you can easily earn 50,000 yen!


What is Hapitas?

This is a great web site where you can earn points just by going through Hapitas!


Then, I will introduce the recommended work that I actually did.


1、Open a Coincheck account and get 9200pt

This work is that one


[Conditions for earning points]

Open a new account within 60 days (identity verification completed) + Complete purchase at sales offices of 50,000 yen or more within 90 days

※Purchases are for buying and selling at sales offices, not for exchanges (because purchases are for results, sales are not for)

In short, all you have to do is open an account and buy 50,000 yen worth of virtual currency.


You can get 9,200 yen already.


In addition, you can get 2500 yen worth of Bitcoins just by opening a coin check account and making a deposit as a W campaign in the spring!


You can get 11,700 yen (work that only takes 30 minutes)


※Currently 11,700 yen

2、U-NEXT [31-day free trial] Apply for a free trial and get 1,800pt

Here, you can enjoy the video for free for one month, and you will get points for 1,800 yen!


This work is that one


[Conditions for earning points]

Free trial application completed

In my case, I registered for free and watched the video. A few days later, I was given points worth 1,800 yen, which was very fast.


※Currently 13,500 yen

3、Get 10,000pt by posting a review to the IT trend

※This project has been completed on March 15, 2022.

1,000 yen worth of points will be given to each cloud application that has been used from IT trends (up to 10 times / person).


Since I can write a review in 5 to 10 minutes for each case, I was able to achieve 10 cases in roughly 1 hour.


※Currently 23,500 yen

4、The most recommended credit card popularity No.1! Create JCB CARD W / JCB CARD W and get 6,500pt

Just by creating JCB CARD W / JCB CARD W, you will receive points worth 6,500 yen.


This work is that one

Credit cards are also free of annual membership fees, so if you don't have this opportunity, we recommend that you make one.


Application can be completed in roughly 20 minutes


※Currently 30,000 yen

5、Get 20,000pt for regular shopping (Rakuten, Paypay, LOHACO, etc.) via Hapitas

When shopping at most online shopping companies such as Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, Paypay, LOHACO, etc.


Since they are doing a point grant campaign of 1% ~ just by going through Hapitas


You can easily collect them just by purchasing daily necessities for 20,000 points.


※Currently 30,000 yen


It was a little forced at the end, but anyone can easily get 50,000 yen just by using Hapitas!


The 2022 Shin side business style is decided by Hapitas!