[Latest in 2022] Qoo10 Mega Discount (MEGAWARI)... When?🤔

Hello, it's hiro.   Speaking of Korean cosmetics and skin care in Japan, there is an EC site called Qoo10.   It's super easy to buy Korean products with just one smartphone, which is cheaper than going to Korea, so I'm surprised that men and women in their teens to 60s are using Qoo10!   In such Q10, there is the biggest sale event called  MEGAWARI, which is held several times a year!   What is Qoo10? An EC mall under the eBay Japan.   eBay is famous as the world's largest global e-commerce company headquartered in the United States. ...


【Latest in 2021】'Men's Makeup' and 5 Popular Youtuber in Japan

'Men's make-up'  is becoming more and more popular in Japan.   The situation has changed rapidly in the last few years.   I personally think that LGBT-friendly activities are revitalizing worldwide and that the fourth Korean wave boom in Japan is also being supported.   It has become a very comfortable environment for me, who woke up to men's makeup for six years after cosplaying.   At that time, I was able to see it with cold eyes just by applying a little BB cream to hide the beard..   Want to know how to do men's make-up In the ...