【Latest in 2021】'Men's Makeup' and 5 Popular Youtuber in Japan


'Men's make-up'  is becoming more and more popular in Japan.


The situation has changed rapidly in the last few years.


I personally think that LGBT-friendly activities are revitalizing worldwide and that the fourth Korean wave boom in Japan is also being supported.


It has become a very comfortable environment for me, who woke up to men's makeup for six years after cosplaying.


At that time, I was able to see it with cold eyes just by applying a little BB cream to hide the beard..


Want to know how to do men's make-up

In the old days when men's makeup was allowed, it was about K-POP idols, a visual-kei band.


We don't even have a google site for men's makeup methods, and I remember studying with reference to female YouTubers.

2015 only men's makeup teacher

Takahashi-san from Men's make LABO




* Only men's makeup channel in 2015



  • How to arrange  eyebrows
  • How to hide the beard
  • クマHow to hide dark circles under the eyes
  • How to use the concealer
  • How to choose make-up (this is good for men etc)


There are many instructions from a male perspective, and the point is coverage.


"A man who has never made up before can rejuvenate so much with just a little BB cream"


"How to get rid of acne with a concealer"


Since there are many basic make-up contents, this channel is especially easy to read for beginners for men's make-up.


Cosplay make-up is far from normal make-up, but it was a reference for base make-up.


I am grateful that I learned all the basics from Men's Make-up LABO's channel.


Introducing the popular men's make-up Youtuber in 2021

Introducing 5 YouTubers recommended by beauty men.


1. よきき (Yokiki)



Yokiki, he is a cosmetology Men's Makeup YouTuber Synonymous in Japan.


Recommended for those who want to make a plastic surgery level.


It is famous that makeup resembles the entertainer Kotoge, and it is especially popular with women, saying that 'the transformation after makeup is too different.'


I became a fan and started cosplaying with good make-up. too.

Yokiki's channel link


2. kemio

Recently, the number of makeup videos has decreased, but it is recommended for those who want to enjoy make-up.


The contents are very good and the cheerful way of speaking is very popular, and it is very interesting to watch videos other than make-up.

kemio's channel link


3. みきお。(Mikio)

You know "Mikioda" Mickey.


Recently, Mickey has been busy with activities such as Mikioda's activities and Nexte's activities with popular YouTuber Hikaru, but he has also released some make-up videos.


Since the base is good-looking, it doesn't mean that there is a big change just because you make it, but it will be helpful for the cosmetics used by good-looking men and how to make good-looking men.


Mikio's channel link

4. 髪西 (Kaminishi)

Videos are posted in all genres such as hairstyles, cafes, and narratives, but hair set videos are especially popular on his channel.


Since the base is handsome, there is not much change in before and after, but the created content is spectacular.



Kaminishi's channel link


5. タケヤキ翔 (Sho Takeyaki)

A YouTuber who looks good on a transvestite. There are many projects such as Uber eats and the ones he tried.


It is recommended for people who want to make up in collaboration with Maataso and dress up as a woman, or who want to see a good-looking girl's dressing video.



Sho Takeyaki's channel link

Extra edition
ごっちゃんねる (Go channel)


Hyogocchi Beibe's popular personal channel whitch Rino Sashihara & Bramayo's Lovely Site Man General Election (ABEMA TV)


Since the base is a handsome host, it doesn't change much with makeup, but you can see the make-up video of the handsome host.



I recommend Takuya Ikoma's personal channel, so I want him to put more effort into YouTube.


Go channel's channel link


Mens make-up is becoming established.


Even among men in their 30s and 40s, men's makeup has become the natural.



Sticking to the appearance is also one of the common characteristics of a good man.


With a suspicious look and appearance, even if you are known to be a reliable person among people close to you, you may not be dealt with at work.