[2021 version English learning winning method for Japanese] Only two choices, 'STUDY SAPRI' and 'DMM English', can be won!!


Hello, it's Hiro.


This time, I summarized "learning English".


Actually, I lived in the United States for about 3 years until 2018, so the final TOEIC score is 880 points.

I am proud that I am persuasive about learning English.



From the conclusion, writing is not a problem with one choice of "STUDY SAPRI".

Cost performance is really good.


As a result of spending four years without studying at all, even though I majored English when I was in college,

When I graduated from university, I got the lowest TOEIC score of 350 points, and as a result of watching the video for the first month of STUDY SAPRI,

I got improve and my TOEIC score up from 350 to 575 in a month.


I became a fan of charismatic teacher and its "Mr. Seki".


Mr. Seki, he is so handsome.


As a result,I was able to achieve a score increase from 350 points to 730 points in just three months.


It would be a lie to say that I didn't come up with other workbooks, but I rarely do it.

I read it at a bookstore and learned exactly two books I liked.


I use this material for grammar.


Must-have! The first new TOEIC test complete capture bible
You can aim for 600 to 850 points in the detailed explanation of all parts! Price 1,800 yen (excluding tax)


It is very easy to understand because it is organized neatly for each unit of PART1-7.


This is the first edition published. It wasn't revised in 2009, so I don't know if it will be suitable in 2021.

I think that cost performance is good because you can buy it on Yahoo or Amazon for 100 to 200 yen only.


I use this material for listening.


Mega Test TOEIC TEST Listening 1200

by Kim Dae-gyun, price is 2,400 yen (excluding tax)


Since it is aimed at people who aim for more than 900 points, the listening speed is overwhelmingly faster than other listening books.


This has been revised, so I recommend that you should purchase the latest version.


In grammar problems, you can roughly predict from the surrounding sentences, and in listening, difficult words do not come out, and words that only people with more than 900


points can understand are frequently asked 2 to 3 questions / time, but only for that reason. It's not good to remember words, and I cut them down.


TOEIC takes a long time, so it's a game of patience, and giving up is also important.


The standard for the promotion test of the company was 600 points, so at this point I cleared easily.


After that, I took the test several times and stopped taking the TOEIC test when I reached the final score was 880.


TOEIC test is really expensive for me (it was around 6,000 yen at that time, but it will be changed to 7810 yen from April 2022. I will never take it anymore)


Speaking measures

Even if the TOEIC score reaches 880, I can't speak English at all, and that is English.


I learned Skype English conversation in less than an hour every day for 2 years.


I tried RareJob, Parrots, hanaso, and so on (or almost everything at the time of 2015),

In speaking, my recommendation is DMM English only.



The country of origin of the instructor is world class


Having English conversation with teachers of various places, you can realize that English conversation is not that one.




In the case of other schools, there were various reasons such as being late for the instructor, unstable Skype, and sudden cancellation from the instructor etc


DMM has fewer cancellations than other school, and will issue a free ticket if you have any problems, so you can take free classes already!


Find a good way to suits your studying

Depending on the school, there may be student conflicts like Parrots, but since DMM is a basic work at home, it is also attractive that there is no such work.


I can learn Korean and so on, so I plan to return to DMM students someday.


As mentioned above, in order to capture the TOEIC as of 2021,


Study supplement registration
DMM English conversation for speaking


that's my recommendations.


I have tried two English conversation schools, but I personally don't recommend it.
(I will write this in another article)


Also, if there is a church nearby, you can take English lessons for free, so there is such a way.


Summary: All you have to do is join "Study SAPRI" and "DMM English"

It's never better to have more reference books.


I feel like I studied a lot as much as I have.


After all, studying online is the best way to do it.


After all, it's up to you to study or not, so you should try to google various ways and enjoy learning English in the way that suits you best.


I hope this article will help you learn English as much as possible.






It's worth trying out various free trial lessons