"I Herb" is the BEST, di ba?


Hello, it's hiro.



I Herb is nice.



Not only supplements but also cereals, drinks and foods are available.



The priority is so high that I Herb can be bought online in the area when moving abroad.



I've been drinking this much every day recently😎





There are 8 bottles



I'm not sure what's good lol



It was cheap, so I wondered which one should work😂



But the one with a scary face is for losing weight, but when you drink it, you will get symptoms immediately.


・Itching (sweat action)


・トToilet closer (urinary effect)



I always drink this before going to the gym in the morning, but it works.



But it's not so delicious. .. It's not bad, though.



Also, my face gets itchy immediately after drinking, I wonder if it can be done



Doping feels lol



This is my recommendation!




It feels like American size



This is delicious😊



This is the link


If you read the back side, it says that you can skip one meal and drink this instead.




When you drink this, the satiety center is immediately stimulated and you feel full.😊



Moreover, it's delicious, so I definitely want everyone to try it.😊



I wonder if I can order I Herb anywhere in the Philippines. ..🤔



In Japan, if you order, it will arrive from the United States in 3-4 days.



Anyways, I Herb Supplement Drink every day and do your best to build a body that is as good as Corona👍



Picture with the guy which was bad but works right away lol