Where is 'THE BEST' burger chain store in America for Japanese?


Hello, it's Hiro.

Here are some recommended hamburger chain stores that I have taken care of during my three years in the United States.


Five Guys

When I ask a person on the east coast, "Where is the most delicious hamburger shop?", "Five Guys" is returned.


By the way, Five Guys are said to be the 2nd most popular hamburger chain in the United States in 2021.


Personally, it feels like "normally delicious." Also, there are Five Guys everywhere on the east coast, so it's easy to get there.


When it came to my company's business trip, I had two choices, steak or Japanese food, so I didn't go to a hamburger shop, so I was taken care of about three times on a date.



In-N-Out appeared frequently on the Youtube channel "Hapa English Conversation" that I was addicted to learning English before coming to the United States, saying "I definitely want to eat when I come to the United States! I will order the back menu by myself!" This is the shop I had decided on.


Click here for the Hapa English conversation In-N-Out drive-through experience video link



Unfortunately, after arriving in the United States, I realized that there was no In-N-Out on the east coast, so I went to California many times just to eat In-N-Out.


In-N-Out has a back menu in the video and he is trying to order it, so I think it's worth trying.


Personally, it's a little sweeter than Five Guys and I like it. Whenever I stopped by the west coast, I used In-N-Out.


Also, for some reason, every time I went to In-N-Out, I was often asked by a girl to make friends, so my liking is high.


By the way, In-N-Out is said to be the 5th most popular hamburger chain in the United States in 2021.


Personally, it ’s the number one hamburger shop on the west coast.



"Wendy's" won the first place in the popular hamburger chain selected by the American people in 2021


You've come to see Wendy's stores everywhere in Japan and Southeast Asia.


By the way, Wendy's currently has stores in 26 countries around the world, and boasts the third largest number of stores after McDonald's and Burger King.


Personally, Wendy's burgers can be eaten in Japan and Southeast Asia without going to the United States, so I went there only once, but the taste is delicious as you can imagine.


Steak ’n Shake

It sells steak burgers and handmade shakes, and the seasoning is strong and sweet, but I love it.


For some reason, it was out of the service area in the 2021 American hamburger ranking, but I would like you to stop by when you go to the southwestern United States.


2021 American hamburger chain ranking

1st・・Wendy's It's a classic


2nd・・Five Guys I think it ’s number one on the east coast.・


3rd・・Mcdonald's Customers have never been in the store (similar to KFC)


4th・・Smashburger I have never been to


5th・・In-N-Out Personally, 1st tho

Extra edition

Although it is not a chain store, I would like to introduce you to the most delicious hamburger store in my three years of expatriate life.


  • Burger Bach



It's in Durham, North Carolina, not a chain store, but it was delicious.


Of all the burgers I've lived and ate, the batch burger was the most delicious.


The location is in a fashionable area near North Carolina's most famous Duke University.


I don't think there are many opportunities to come to Durham other than production engineering work, but please stop by when you visit North Carolina.


The price is fine, but the taste is guaranteed!


(Even the cheapest burger cost about $ 30 including French fries)


Not only hamburger chain stores but also private stores have delicious hamburger stores all over the place, so when you travel or are stationed in the United States, it would be fun to visit your favorite hamburger store.