Why I've lived in the US for 3 years and don't recommend staying in a hotel for under $ 70


Hello, it's Hiro.


Don't you think American hotels are expensive?


I have lived in the United States for 3 years and have stayed at hotels more than 100 times,


Here's a quick summary from the perspective of a Japanese traveler about what you need to be prepared for when staying at a hotel under $ 70.


Motel or shared room

This is known at the time of booking, but in the United States, hotels under $ 70 are considered cheap hotels, so


Most of them are one-story or two-story motels and dormitory types.


* If it is a dormitory-type hotel in a tourist area, there are many backpackers traveling alone, so it is relatively safe.


When I traveled alone to New York, I also stayed at a hostel in Brooklyn.


The reason I decided was


"Because it's cheap"


That's it.


In downtown New York, there is no decent hotel unless you pay about $ 400, so I had no choice but to choose a youth hostel in the suburbs of Brooklyn, which is outside the city.


I have a lot of experience staying at hostels,


"I think I can make friends"


I thought that was also the reason.


* It was unexpectedly difficult to make friends while stationed in the United States.


The room I rented was a type where one room was shared by three people, but the foreigners in the shared room also felt good and could stay comfortably.


In addition, I used NY Moore Hostel. It was only $ 50 a night.


There is no other hotel in New York that costs $ 50 a night, so I definitely recommend it if it's just the amount.


Speaking of a $ 60 hotel in Japan or Southeast Asia, you can stay in a small luxury hotel with some facilities, but you should think of it as the lowest rank in the United States.


In addition, New York is another dimension, so be prepared to be more than twice as large as the others.


I used to stay at a $ 50 hotel for two nights when I traveled alone to Atlanta, but it's a two-story hotel with a lot of Mexican customers, and it's a cheap type that sells keys around there, at night. Since it was a dangerous area, I had a scary experience.


I used Quakity Inn Northlake. It cost $ 140 for two nights.


I made a reservation with confidence because Agoda's evaluation was high, but it failed brilliantly. Lol


In Japan, Hilton and Marriott hotels have a well-established high-class image, but in the United States, they are middle-class, two-star hotels.


When using a hotel for work, the company told me to use a Hilton system such as the Hampton Inn.


The reason is clear, and hotels with lower ranks are dangerous, so you should not stay overnight.


In America,




That it is.


That will increase the hotel fee.


I have experienced more than 100 business trips in my three years in the United States, but it is expensive to travel individually, so it is better to act with plenty of money.


If you are planning a trip to the United States in the future, I hope you will find it helpful.


In the United States, there are quite a lot of point backs such as credit cards, and you can earn points as soon as the hotel fee and airplane fare for one night become free just by traveling and staying several times with company money. Therefore, it is better to travel using points.


When I lived in the United States, I felt that if I had no money to travel, it would be Asia.