This is why "Rakuten Premium Card" is highly recommended if you want to get 'Priority Pass'


Hello, It's Hiro.

One of the pleasures of traveling abroad is visiting airport lounges. Is it just me?


When I experienced 73 overseas trips as a salaryman traveler in 2019, one of my greatest pleasures was returning to Flex, flying from the office to the airport, drinking alcohol in the airport lounge, and relaxing on the sofa.


Perhaps those who have been abroad more than 10 times will understand what I mean.


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What is an airport lounge?

A convenient waiting room where you can comfortably spend the waiting time until the flight departs.


There are also places where you can use food and drink services, massage and shower rooms.


WIFI is good, the air conditioner is working, you can eat and drink freely, you can relax on the sofa, it is a dreamlike space. Airport oasis.


That is the airport lounge.


Differences between card lounges and airline lounges

Among the airport lounges, the card lounge is set up for credit card members.


On the other hand, the airline lounge was created for premium airline members and advanced mileage members.


In short, it doesn't make much difference.


How do you use an airport lounge?

Whether to pay the usage fee (often around 1,000 to 3,000 yen) or to be a target member.


If you are a member, you can use it for free.


How can I use many airport lounges?

All you have to do is get Priority Pass.


What is Priority Pass?

A membership service that gives you free access to more than 1,300 airport lounges in more than 140 countries and territories and more than 500 cities.


How to get Priority Pass?

Normally, an annual membership fee of $ 429 (around 50,000 yen) will be incurred.


However, there are credit companies that issue Priority Pass for free as a benefit of certain credit cards.


What is a credit card that can issue Priority Pass for free?


There are several other cards, but these three are almost the same, so if you want to get Priority Pass, you can choose from one of these.


There are 3 types of plans for Priority Pass

  • Standard・・Annual membership fee $ 99, membership fee $ 32, companion fee $ 32
  • Standard Plus・・Annual membership fee $ 299, membership fee $ 32 (free up to 10 times), companion fee $ 32
  • Prestige・・Annual membership fee is $ 429. Free membership fee, $ 32 companion fee

If you apply for Rakuten Premium Card, you can become a Prestige member for free.


Compare the above three
  • Saison Platinum Business American Express・・Annual membership fee 22,000 yen, point return rate 0.5-1.0%
  • Rakuten Premium Card・・・Annual membership fee 11,000 yen, point return rate 1.00 ~ 5.00%
  • MUFG Card Platinum Amex・・・Annual membership fee 22,000 yen, point return rate 0.20 ~ 0.99%


Personally, there are many areas where Amex cards cannot be used, so from the perspective of annual membership fees, Rakuten is an option.


Also, if you own a Rakuten Premium Card, Rakuten points will start 5 times, so it is suitable for those who usually shop at Rakuten.




You should apply for Rakuten Premium Card now.


When you receive your card, you can apply for Priority Pass, so be sure to do it right away.

Since it is a self-assessment system, if you do not apply, Priority Pass will not be delivered to you for the rest of your life.


After getting Priority Pass

Let's go on overseas trips as much as possible. The airport lounge usage fee is $ 32, so if you go three times, you can get the money back.


By the way, I traveled abroad 73 times in 2019, so I used the airport lounge about 150 times a year.


※150 times = Save about 500,000 yen (5,000$)


The airport lounge recommended by the author that can be entered with Priority Pass

Here are some airport lounges that I recommend for free with Priority Pass.


I thought that the video would convey the image better than the print, so I will post the video link.


No.1 : Mingala Par Sky Lounge at Yangon International Airport (Myanmar)


There are plenty of showers and bars, and it's huge! You can enjoy Myanmar food.


▼TOMO’S TRIP from Tomo's channel

No.2: China Eastern Airlines Plaza Premium Lounge at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (China)

▼naomi k's channnel link

Anyway wide! And the buffet is also substantial. You can enjoy authentic Chinese food.


No.3: Sky Hub Lounge (West Wing) at Incheon International Airport (Korea)

The food lineup is the best. You can enjoy exquisite Korean food such as bibimbap and chapchae.


▼BTF Create/traveler's channel link

When you traveling abroad, please spend a wonderful time in the airport lounge.