How to reduce the high cancellation fee of Commufa Hikari (Internet) in Japan [2022.5]


Commufa Hikari is an optical line with attractive monthly charges and campaigns such as cash back and free construction costs.



The target areas are Aichi prefecture, Gifu prefecture, Shizuoka prefecture, Mie prefecture, and Nagano prefecture.



I signed up for Commufa Hikari in June 2020.



I was dissatisfied with the internet communication (speed) provided by the Mikawawan network, so I switched to Commufa Hikari.



I will explain what I learned after using Commufa Hikari for 2 years and the cancellation fee.


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About comfort (speed)

Commufa Hikari is an optical internet service of Chubu Telecommunications, commonly known as ctc.



It boasts a maximum speed of 10 Gbps (as of May 2022).



I've been using it for two years and haven't been dissatisfied with the speed.


About customizability of confirmation / change of contract contents

You can access it from here, and you can check and change the current contract details on My Commufa.



After logging in to My Commufa, you can chat with the support desk for anything you care about, such as changing plans, so it can be said that the support system is quite substantial.



In fact, I have had the experience of chatting with the support desk and having the support desk staff change the plan three times.


About sales

This is really annoying.



It's a feeling, but every time you launch a new plan every 3 to 4 months, it will take a business to change the plan by TEL or visit.



Be careful as it comes with a clever technique.


In the NETFLIX pack that started in the fall of 2021, there were several TELs from the salesman,



"If you change from 1GB to 10GB (free of charge), you can see NETFLIX for free and get a tablet as a gift."



I signed up in October 2021 and the tablet arrived at my home in November.



When I checked the contract status in January 2022, the monthly fee exceeded 8,100 yen, so I hurriedly contacted the support center.



Both the NETFLIX plan and his 10GB plan are incurred, so I decided to cancel NETFLIX at the earliest and return from 10GB to 1GB.



There are many sales people, and salespeople are willing to lie to get a new plan, so be careful.



It seems better not to respond to sales talks.



(By the way, the tablet was less than garbage・・)


Cancellation fee

What surprised me was the cancellation fee.



Generally, if you cancel in the renewal month, the cancellation fee will be almost zero yen, which is my idea so far.



However, in the case of Commufa Hikari, a huge cancellation fee of 30,000 yen or more will be charged no matter when you cancel.



The breakdown is as follows.


* Estimated cancellation fee (contracted in June 2020) as of May 23, 2022 (quoted from support desk chat)


① Penalty within the fixed-term contract period: 11,000 yen ⇒ Renewal for 2 years


(No update month occurred ① 2022 / 06-2022 / 08 ② 2024 / 06-2024 / 08)


(2) Equipment usage fee Remaining bond cost: 10,687 yen ⇒ No occurrence after 2023/06


③ Internet removal work cost: 13,200 yen ⇒ Occurs no matter when you cancel


④ TV penalty (5-year promise): 17,270 yen ⇒ No occurrence after 2025/08


⑤ TV removal work cost: 18,700 yen ⇒ Occurs no matter when you cancel


     Total      70,857yen


In this way, it became clear that even if you have a contract for about 2 years like me, you will incur a cancellation fee of up to 70,857 yen.


1, if you cancel at random


→ 70,857 yen


2, If you cancel from June to August 2022


→ 59,857 yen


3, If you cancel from June to August 2024


→ 49,170 yen


4, If you cancel from June to August 2026


→ 31,900 yen



It turns out that a penalty will be charged no matter when you cancel (minimum 31,900 yen)



Will I continue to use Commufa Hikari?



No, I will cancel.



However, since the above cancellation fee will be incurred,



I would like to find a plan that allows me to pay the cancellation fee as much as possible so that I will not lose much.



In addition, Commufa Hikari is currently conducting a friend referral campaign and a new enrollment campaign.



They offer a cashback gift of 20,000 yen to introducers and up to 60,000 yen to new members.



Click here for the campaign



Since the service itself is good, we recommend that you consider joining based on the cancellation fee.