3 recommended high-rate currency exchange offices in the Philippines (Manila)


Hello, it's Hiro.


I would like to introduce the Money Exchange exchange office that I always use when traveling to Manila.


If you are traveling to the Philippines for the first time, I recommend that you do not lose money by exchanging a large amount of money at the airport, and exchange it in the area where you are staying as much as possible.


※This article can be read in 3 minutes.


1. Trinoma, Currency exchange office in Trinoma (Quezon City)

Walk toward Trinoma from SM North, and it will be on the left side immediately after the guard check at the Trinoma entrance.


When I asked a Filipino friend, "Would you recommend somewhere to exchange money?", "Trinoma" is the best. I highly recommend this because I often stay in Quezon City and have exchanged hundreds of times in the Philippines.


In addition, there are not many foreign tourists around Trinoma, so there is no rip-off aimed at foreigners, and here you can cash in at a high rate with confidence.


2. EDZEN (Ermita)

Located in Ermita, it is already known as a favorite currency exchange office for those staying in Malate. The rate is high, so if you plan to play in the Malate area, don't hesitate to exchange money here. It is within a 1-minute walk from the popular VIEVE HOTEL, where you can stay for 2,200 pesos per night.


there are a few similar exchange offices around Edzen, but honestly, they are all similar.


However, there are so many begging, so please act with the utmost care so that you will not be begged.


I've been watching the spectacle of exchanging money outside all the time, and I'm often chased by begging when I leave from currency exchange office.


After exchanging money, be sure to calculate whether the amount is correct on the spot.


And be very careful and act.


※It is a dangerous area where Japanese murders occur.


3. Exchange office in a shopping mall

If your accommodation is far from one or two, or if you only want to exchange a small amount of money, we recommend that you exchange at a shopping center near your land.


Rates vary by region. Robinson Place Manila is about a 15-minute walk from Edsen, and it doesn't change much, but if you go to Fairview Terraces a little further away, the rate may be a little bad.


After all, Manila has a higher rate than the countryside, so let's exchange money in Manila before moving.


It's definitely safer to exchange money at a shopping center than to exchange money in the open air.


4. Be sure to calculate on the spot

Please do not forget this. Since it is calculated manually, mistakes are common. At the time of transfer, I try to cash in at any of the places 1 to 3.


It is clearly a higher rate than cashing in advance in Japan or cashing at the airport, so please refer to it.


If you really need pesos for access from the airport to the site, exchange only 1,000 pesos and the rest will be exchanged locally.


Enjoy a wonderful Manila life by cashing in at a slightly higher rate.