Stock market in the Philippines are really interesting! Even rag stocks are full of infinite possibilities rather than gambling!



Philippines stocks・・・Number of listed stocks, total 275 stocks (January 2022)


It is only  about one tenth  of the 3822 stocks on the Japanese stock exchange (January 2022).


・Main board ・ ・ ・ 267 brands


・For SMEs ・ ・ ・ 7 brands


・ETF・・・1 brand


Of these few stocks, conglomerate companies account  for one-third.


What this means


Isn't there an investment destination that is as secure as a Filipino conglomerate?


ex) Ayala Corporation, BDO Bank, Jollibee Food Corporation, San Miguel Corporation etc



It's difficult to study about 4,000 listed companies in Japan,


Don't you think it's easy to study only 275 brands?


Let's start investing in Filipino stocks!


Here are two recommended books (written in Japanese)



1. Opening a securities transaction account

These three candidates. Please choose your favorite securities company from these.


・Aizawa Capital


・COL Financial


・AB Capital


Of these, my recommendation is AB Securities.


2. Compare 3 companies from the disadvantages

・Aizawa Securities ・ ・ ・ The number of trading issues is small (75 issues)


・Not applicable because the fee is extremely high (5,500 yen each time you buy).


・COL Financial and AB Securities are not so different 


※In the case of AB Capital, there are no fees, there are plenty of smartphone apps, and there is Japanese language support.


As for Japanese、


Being able to trade on a neat and well organized App.


Japanese support is substantial (although it is still at a good level)


This is very important, isn't it?


Based on the above three points, my conclusion is that AB Capital is the easiest to use.


If you think it's a lie, you can try using all three companies instead.


Even if you live in Japan, you can open a securities transaction account very easily without having to open a Filipino account for any of the three companies.


I think it is easier to understand if you refer to other people's blogs for the procedure for opening an account for AB Capital.


My recommendation is  here


3. Remittance from Japan to Filipino Securities transaction Account


Even if you do not have a Filipino account, you can open a securities account in the Philippines.


You can easily transfer money from Japan to your AB securities account using WISE.


After opening an account, select your favorite brand from 275 brands, place a limit order and buy it, that's all.


As many people have said, the Philippines is a country that will grow in the future due to the demographic dividend and other factors.


It can be said that it is a big chance that it has not attracted much attention yet.


So, Big chance! (at least for me)


If you understand the current situation in Japan in 2021 (declining birthrate and aging population, economic downturn, etc.)


Obviously, it can be said that asset diversification both domestically and internationally is the optimal solution.


I will write about my portfolio and stockholding in another article.



If anyone is interested Lol



See you again.