Think about panic disorder-agoraphobia(PD) and how to overcome it【2022/5】


Personally, the following activities suddenly became difficult from 3 years ago ...

・Going to the beauty salon

・Going to the dentist

・Driving a car (especially highways, tunnels, traffic jams)


・Movie theater

・Amusement park (screaming attractions, Ferris wheel)

 The situation of being closed and restrained is basically NG


It makes it hard to breathe.


I become anxious about what to do if I can't breathe, and negative self-suggestion (mind control) works and I can't breathe.


I'm worried about breathing.


It was very encouraging to see that many people are suffering from the same problems when I search various things on the internet.


However, I haven't been able to overcome the panic attack yet.


Therefore, I would like to help people who have the same problems as me.


I have summarized the introduction of the disease called panic disorder, the types of medicines, and improvement methods.


Even if I searched, I couldn't find the article that it was this.


I hope it will be helpful for those who are worried about PD even a little.


In my case


My weakest point is going to see a dentist. When a dentist sits in a chair and reclines

I have to lower my head and open my mouth for a long time, it becomes difficult to breathe gradually.


After breathing, I thought, "Can I breathe properly next time?"

If I can breathe, take a full breath, and if I can't breathe, try to distract myself by swallowing saliva.

During the dental treatment, saliva is also inhaled at the same time, so my mouth is empty and I am full of anxiety about whether I can breathe properly next time..


Also, I'm not good at it because there is a fixative in my mouth that makes it difficult to breathe even during the waiting time when the cavities are treated and the filling is hardened.

I am desperately trying to distract my anxiety because I can't breathe because I carry it with me.

By the way, there is no fear of pain for me.


Beauty salon

It's still okay than the dentist.

When I cut my hair, I'm not good at wearing a cloth that looks like a teru teru bozu (only my hands come out), and I'm worried about the feeling of being closed.

※Teru Teru Bozu.. a paper doll to which Japanese children pray for fine weather.


I'm still okay with the time cutting my hair, but I'm scared of shampoo time.


Completely out with a shampoo machine. When I put the machine on my head, I get crazy because I'm worried that I may not be able to breathe.


I'm not good at blindfolding in general, too.


Hair removal salon

It's okay than a dentist or a beauty salon, but blindfolds make me anxious.

If the practitioner talks a lot, it's still okay.


What is panic disorder-agoraphobia?

Panic disorder-agoraphobia is a disease with three major symptoms: panic attack, anticipatory anxiety, and agoraphobia. It is said that about 1 in 100 people develops the disease.

In a panic attack, sudden fear and strong anxiety can cause palpitations, dizziness, and dyspnea. Due to these symptoms, the patient

You may feel so scared that you may die. However, the symptoms disappeared quickly and no abnormalities were seen on examination.

Repeated panic attacks can lead to anxiety about having another attack (anticipatory anxiety), which can lead to a loss of normal social life.

In addition, it is important to be diagnosed early and lead to treatment because depression may be complicated during the course and treatment may be difficult.

※This is a partial excerpt from the article by Medical Note.


How to overcome panic disorder

※First of all, I'm the one who hasn't overcome the symptoms yet, so it's just for reference.


In any case, it would be uneasy to suddenly lose safety behavior.

It is easier for such a person to first practice coping with a panic attack in other situations.

There are few people with panic attacks who are not good at dentists.

There are places such as trains and movie theaters that are easier to practice than dentists.


Why people with panic attacks shouldn't get off the train on the way

If you cannot get on the train due to a panic disorder, you will need to practice getting on the train to overcome it.

One of the points to be aware of at that time

"Never get off the train on the way even if you feel uneasy."

Are you thinking, "If you get into trouble, you should get off the train"?

The same is true for highways, beauty salons and dentists.


If you say, "If you are worried, you should get off", you will be afraid of trains that you cannot get off on the way.

A typical example is a person who can get on a local train but is not accustomed to rapid trains and bullet trains.

Panic disorder does not improve while you are afraid of a panic attack.

If you are in a state where you cannot get on a rapid train, please think that your anxiety will spread more and more from there.


Panic attacks are 100% subsided without any action.

There are waves, but anxiety goes down over time.

You can overcome a panic attack by understanding it not only with your head but also with your body.


However, when I get off the train when a panic attack is about to occur, I think that "I got off the train, so my anxiety has decreased."

In that case, "the seizures will not subside unless you get off the train", and you will be more afraid to get on the train.

The more you avoid anxiety, the stronger it becomes.


People with panic disorder challenge the train not to get used to it.

For that purpose, it is necessary to experience calming down on the train as it is even if there is anxiety.

Therefore, when you get on the train, you should at least keep riding until your anxiety is better.

Anyway, you should never get off on the way just because you are uneasy.


"If you feel anxious, don't get off the train, but keep riding until your anxiety is better."

こLet's keep in mind.


Link summary about panic disorder-agoraphobia


For those who suffer from panic disorder, beauty salons and dentists who understand panic disorder and are easy to go to even those with symptoms are introduced.


Kirimaru's video (A Japanese Youtuber)

It's a very encouraging video, and it's output in words of what I'm really worried about.

She talks about her experience suffering from panic disorder.


I also searched a lot on the net, but honestly, this video was very similar to the symptoms of my panic disorder, and it was helpful for me to think and how to overcome it.

I feel that my case is mild to her case, so many people have the same troubles by seeing the comments sent to the video, and my case may still be better, so much. I felt a little easier if I didn't have to worry about it.

Honestly, I didn't know about Kirimaru-chan until I watched the video, but I was impressed that he was a very kind person.


Daigo's video (A Japanese Youtuber)

A video about how to breathe and how to meditate to "turn anxiety into power".


This book is also very helpful.

Manipulate yourself and eliminate anxiety Ultimate mindfulness

Mindfulness / Stress Reduction Workbook






"If you feel anxious, don't get off the train, but keep riding until your anxiety is better."

Please keep in mind.


For peace of mind, you may want to carry medicines such as Lorazepam and medications.


As of May 2022, I'm still a little scared to go to a dentist or a beauty salon, but I can manage to get through.

Regarding tunnels on trains and highways, I was able to overcome it when I was practicing "breathing once every 6 seconds" that Kirimaru-chan said in the video.

It's difficult to define overcoming, but in the case of highway tunnels, there is still anxiety when approaching the tunnel.

By practicing the breathing method, you can concentrate on breathing, feel reassured that you can breathe, and keep calm.

So, I'm not 100% better yet, but I feel less fearful than when I was avoiding fear.

I want to live positively so that I can face panic attacks, practice coping strategies, and regain my normal life.