Why Paypal is by far the simplest and easiest way to send money overseas


Hello, It's Hiro.


How do you send money overseas?


Western Union and Shinsei Bank are popular, aren't they?


When I was stationed in the United States when I was a salaryman, I used Union Bank


(Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ) as designated by the company.


My company told me to cancel my account when I returned to Japan, but even after ignoring that


and returning to Japan, I haven't canceled my US account and continue to use it only occasionally.


※Convenient for saving foreign currency and purchasing Amazon in the United States, and the other reason is that


the credit history will continue to increase.


I don't want to reduce the credit history that has risen to high points to zero. Thanks to that, I currently keep more than 800.


Please note that in the case of Union Bank, if the average annual balance is less than $ 1,500,


the account maintenance fee will be $ 8 to $ 10 per month.


In the case of overseas bank accounts, there are surprisingly many banks that charge an account maintenance fee.


It's almost like that.


By the way, if you leave more than $ 1,500, you will not be charged a fee even if you do not use it, so it is okay.


I use  Paypal  a lot when sending money to my overseas friends.


The reason is easy, that's all

It's tedious to go to the bank to send money, isn't it?


With PayPal, you can send money overseas with just one smartphone.


If you have one PayPal account, you can also deposit directly from your account to your friend's account overseas.


In addition to the overseas remittance fee of 499 yen, the currency conversion fee is 4%


That's it. It may be a little expensive, but some banks are more expensive than this.


It is possible to have a Paypal account for each country


In my case, I use remittances to the US and the Philippines in particular, so I have 3 accounts.


In both countries, I have an account in each country using the address and phone number where I lived at that time,


and instead of sending money directly to my friends, I put my personal overseas account in between


and then send money to my friends. increase.


By doing so, it is possible to complete the overseas remittance to a personal account in the local currency


with a small fee in advance.


I recommend this method to people like me who are worried about direct remittance.


If you use  wise  you can check the fee for overseas remittance in advance.


There are a lot of troubles with overseas remittances, but if you want to make remittances easily, you can use Paypal.


  • Open a Paypal account (you can do it in 10 minutes)
  • Calculate how much you can send in local currency with wise
  • Open an overseas Paypal account


There are only three points to keep in mind.


※If you send money to an account that does not send much money, Paypal will check it and you will not be able to


send money for about a week and it will be in a pending state, so it is recommended that you allow enough time when sending money.


In the case of remittance between individuals, the exchange of "sent, not sent" is dull, so one of the reasons is that


the remittance is sent to my overseas account first.


I hope that you will find it helpful for overseas remittances.