20 Filipino words you should definitely remember. #Lesson 1


Hello, it's hiro.


I would like to regularly summarize simple Filipino words that I should definitely remember, as a memorandum.


I've summarized 20 things such as greetings, daily conversation, slang, and words.


I hope you find it useful.



1. Masarap!

It means "delicious!" in English.


2. Masaya

It means "happy and fun" in English.

ex) Masaya ako.  I am happy. You can use it like that.


3. Magandang Umaga.

It means "good morning" in English.


4. Magandang araw.

It means "hello (morning-evening)".


5. Magandang tanghali. 

It means "hello (noon)".

※I have never used


6. Magandang hapon.  

It means "hello (evening)" in English.


7. Magandang gabi.

It means "good evening" in English.


8. Kamusta ka?

It means "how are you" in English.


9. Mabuti naman.  

It means "I am fine" in English.


10. Okay lang?

It means "are you okay?" in English.



11. Oo.

It means "yes" in English.


12. Opo. 

It means "yes" in English and it's polite.


13. Syempre. 

It means "of course" in English.


14. Talaga?

It means "really?" in English.


15. Totoo?

It means "really?" in English.


16.  Salamat po. 

It means "thank you so much" in English.


17. Pasensha ka na. 

It means "I'm sorry" in English.



18. Sana all

It means "envious". It comes from the English 'Hope all'.


It is a coined word that became popular and spread among young people in 2020.


19. Charot 

It means "joke" in English, same as 'Kidding' in English.


The sound is cute, so it is used with a cute feeling for me.


20. Jowa

It means "boyfriend, girlfriend" in English.


ex) May Jowa ka ba? It means "Do you have a boyfriend (girlfriend)?"


I haven't searched for anyone who has summarized Filipino slang, so I've summarized the words that are especially popular among young people these days.


I hope it helps for you.